We are an award-winning
Nurse Staffing Agency.

Who We Are

Pronto is built by the experienced professionals at Trusted Nurse Staffing—the same people who have been staffing nurses and allied healthcare professionals for over a decade. We are an award-winning Nurse Staffing Agency, earning industry recognition for our high standards of excellence and ongoing commitment to service. With Pronto, we’ve taken all the hassle out of the traditional recruitment process so you can focus on what matters most: finding a job you love and taking control of your career on your own terms.

Why Choose Us

When you sign up with Pronto, you can search our database for opportunities in cities you have always dreamed of visiting or take advantage of custom preferences to find a position that’s perfect for you—or just browse around and see what catches your eye!

We currently have employment opportunities in all 50 states, providing you with many options and adventures. Our priority is to provide best-in-class customer service to our healthcare providers and facilities. By ensuring that we provide the highest quality services, we can guarantee that our healthcare system is more efficient and safer than when we started this business.

Our Values

At Pronto, we value our relationship with you. Our honest dedication to helping our employees and clients enables you to achieve your goals and work in a position you’ll love. We lead with integrity and we honor our promise to serve our clients and our staff. We build a foundation of trust and transparency that enables you to work your dream job while offering our clients the best care workers in the industry.

Work Hard Play Hard

We recognize hard work is necessary to realize our goals and allow ourselves the freedom of personal enjoyment.

Celebrate Success

We are rewarded for our accomplishments and take pride in the triumphs of our team.

Show Appreciation

We acknowledge the contributions of each other and invest in our communities.

Overcome Obstacles

We learn from mistakes and conquer challenges by identifying impactful solutions.

Embrace Our Differences

We respect each person as a human being by creating a diverse and inclusive workforce with compassion and dignity.

Pursue Growth

We unapologetically strive to attain our full potential in all that we do.

Our Commitment

We are passionate about staffing and commit our time and energy to design an application that gives you the freedom you want for other areas of your life.

When you join our staff, you gain a dedicated support team that ensures an excellent working experience. You gain the flexibility to work when and where you want, giving you more time to spend with your family or relax with friends.

Our Difference

When you need something, we are here for you! We understand the importance of a healthy work/life balance and strive to ensure your assignments meet your unique needs.

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